Thursday, July 1, 2010

lOVE StorY yg xpernah dgr SBLM ni..:)


haahaa..lawak la kak syu ni...bukan setakat kak syu je yg trgelak2, ina pon ni ha,gelak..
berguling je ni ha bile bce blek result nye..huhu.. ade2 je kak syu ni taw...hehee..
anywy suke sgt la cite yg merepek ni,sbb boleh kasih riang2 hati yg tgah sedeyh2 kn..hehehe.... ini smue gara2 terpedaya dgn OMOngan kak syu la ni dgn kata2 nye yg sebegini,

hihihi.....kak syu bce la result ina ni kak syu...lawak giler...sbb ina wktu isi soalan2 nye pon ina merepek2 je jawab..hahaha.....
so,ni la hasil nye,

One "haha" summer day at "bloom3" you see the most haha creature you have ever seen. Their name is "pa pe je" , and every move he makes just turns you on more and more. You nudge your best friend "soso" and say, "Wow, that has to be the most "borrink" body I have ever seen." Suddenly, he looks in your direction and starts walking right towards you!!! he says, "I noticed you staring at me from over there. I just had to tell you, that I think you are so "bla..bla" , and was wondering if you'd like to go to "penat la.." with me and "ngntok..tido ?"" With a stupid smile on your face you say, " aiyo..."bap byk niyh?? "" and go with them. When you finally get to penat la.. , he moves closer to you, and gives you the biggest kiss ever. The two of you are passionately kissing, when you feel a "NOUN????" hit you on the back of the head. You open your eyes to find out it's all a dream, but there is a note left next to your bed.

It reads: " pa pe je" is the love you've been waiting your whole life for. he will ask you out in "1 la kot..." days or less, but only if you send this e-mail to at least 10 people within the next few minutes. The more people you send it to, the sooner they will ask you out, and you both fall in love. Do not take this lightly, because if you simply ignore this, you will have bad luck in love for the next 1 la kot... years!" LOVE STORY yg plg lawak ucuuu penah dgr dan baca..hikhikhik....
ayat yg wat ucuu brguling ayat ni la,

"Wow, that has to be the most "borrink" body I have ever seen."

hahahaa.....bORRINK body??sgt geli hati ucuu mmbaca nye..ehhee..:)...thnks a lot to kak syu la sbb da bg ucuu riang2 gmbire pd mlm ini..hehee^_^...



Anonymous said...

akaka..mmg romentik abis! (^__^)
so encik pape je akan muncul untuk mem'propose' ina tak lame nati ;p

ucuuu said...

oo..mngkin... sy akan tnggu...hehee:DD